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      HD Display ,Rotatiin button

      1.7 "HD screen + rotary key
      Vision is no longer blocked










      HD Display

      1.7 Inch IPS HD Full Color Display offers a vibrant and lucid user-experience. You will cherish your darling every time you look at it!

      Real Time Information Reminders

      Y20 Sport Smart Watch offers an chic way of reminding you of your calls, messages and apps. Do not worry about missing your calls or important notifications anymore as this is no less than your personal assistant, helping you stay on top of your personal and professional commitments!

      Sleep Monitoring

      This smart watch does not only monitor your sleep but also generates reports to help you improve your sleep quality. With the help of its vigilant system you can track if you are sleeping well and address any issues that pop up in your sleep report to develop your own healthy body clock.

      Multiple Sports Mode

      Whether you are a basketball player or a baseball lover, Y20 Sport Smart Watch is all you need to ensure your top performance. The multiple movement patterns accompany you as you move up or down. The sports data analysis will help you stay ahead of the competition.

      Scientific Guidance Smart Report

      With Y20 Sport Smart Watch you get professional exercise data. You will get to know the calories record, milage record etc. to ensure continuous improvement.

      Long Battery Life

      Y20 Sport Smart Watch will stay faithful to you for days!  It battery life lasts about 5 to 7 days, helping you continue enjoying your gadget without being bothered about recharging.