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      Wet and Dry Use


      The IPX7 waterproof design of Smart Head Scalp Massager USB Charger offers both wet and dry use. So you can be sure you have dual benefit.



      Convenience and Cleanliness


      The detachable grippers of this anti-stress product can be removed easily for cleaning convenience.


      Energy Saving


      Smart Head Scalp Massager USB Charger helps you save energy as well. It does not make any noise while massaging you rather whispers so you can enjoy a soothing massage.


      Quick Charging


      Smart Head Scalp Massager USB Charger comes with a charging base to provide quick and safe charging experience. It will automatically shut off after fully charged in case of over charge. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.


      Promotes Sleep


      By giving you a soothing massage on your head, Smart Head Scalp Massager USB Charger helps you sleep well. You will feel relaxed and sleep as comfortably as a baby!


      Electric Scalp Massager - Relaxation Anytime, Anywhere

      A scalp massage has true benefits than just feeling amazing. The best part is it can be done at home. An electric scalp massager is all worth the hype as it stimulates your scalp and improves blood flow. Get access to the best electric scalp massager from us and live your life stress-free.


      Electric Scalp Massager - How Does It Work?

      • Our electric scalp massager is a unique device to allow you to relax
      • The device is available as a wireless fitness gadget featuring USB charging
      • Our electric scalp massager features two distinct modes having unique intensity levels
      • You can instantly turn on the massager by pressing the power button
      • You can adjust the mode button as per your specific needs


      When Should You Use The Smart Scalp Massager?

      Too busy to get yourself a spa? With the all-new Smart Scalp Massager, you can now have spa-like relaxation right in the comfort of your home. The uniquely kneading nodes of the massager work excellently towards alleviating all stress and pain from your head. To expect the best results, you can always consult your doctor. The electric scalp massager can help you in the following conditions:

      • Constant headaches or tension
      • Body pain
      • Hair loss problems
      • Dandruff problems
      • Recovery after an injury


      What Are The Benefits Of Using The Electric Scalp Massager?

      • Elimination of full-body tiredness
      • Improved blood circulation to the scalp
      • Effective pain management
      • Relieves stress and tension
      • Speedy recovery

      The powerful kneading feature of the electric scalp massager can help in relaxing and relieving pain on your shoulders, head, neck, thighs, arms, legs, and foot. It is a great tool for releasing pain and stress throughout your body while maximizing the overall well-being.