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      Multi-Functional Headband
      This headset is a multi-functional device. Its speakers with 5.0: 0.25 inches with high definition sound quality allows you to enjoy lossless music with great sound. As you wear it on your head, it protects your hair from being messed up. You can listen to your favorite music as well as take calls without using any handsfree while doing any kind of fitness workout.


      Built-In Bluetooth, Speaker, and Microphone

      This multi-functional headband has the best quality chip which ensures a clear sound and lossless music. You can also adjust the volume by using volume control buttons.



      Brings Peaceful Sleep at Bedtime

      The practical design of this headband is not only suitable for fitness workouts but you can even use it as an eye mask while sleeping. Its shading feature is perfect for bedtime.



      Practical and User-Friendly Design

      This hands-free Bluetooth sports headband is extremely lightweight and elastic with a breathable mesh lining. You can easily stretch it to fit your head size. It has been made using a durable strong woven thread with an extremely breathable mesh lining which makes it extremely comfortable and user-friendly.




      Skin Friendly

      The elastic material used in shaping this headset makes it super comfortable. You don’t get any skin rashes as it is extremely breathable and hypoallergenic comes with excellent softness.  Its microphones and speakers are tremendously appropriate for using it while doing yoga, gym, running exercise, or any outdoor workout.



      Extended Play Time

      Due to its extended battery time, Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Sports and Sleeping Headband allows you to enjoy a longer playtime. Charging time is about 2 to 2.5 hours at a stretch so you can enjoy 10 hours of lossless playing time.



      Diverse Display Screens

      This headband is available in a variety of display screen colors and lighting effects. You are free to choose your own sports headset that suits your taste and preferences and carry out your fitness workout in an exciting fun-filled way.