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Very happy with product. They seem like the will stay nice and fit so I will not lose them! Happy. I’m finding they are a bit tight and hope they will loose a little over time and the volume is a little lower then I can hear but it’s ok I’m still very happy eith them! Thank you!

Air pods

The product was fine and the estimate arrived


Great value for great sound, noise canceling wireless earbuds

Im impressed

When i opened the case i was like oh no ... cause the door is very light but the rest is fine the bass is okai good bass not too much well balance the sound level is high ! They play louder than my skull candy bit true 2! For the price its a good product :)

They turned out great!

I gave it to them as a gift, and they liked it! They're fantastic!

Interesting ear buds

I got these clip buds because after ingredients periods of having reg buds in my ear canal hurts for days. That being said theses buds take that issue out of play. Work well, sound is good, easy connect. Only issue was the instructions came in only Chinese. The clip buds are a bit awkward at first to get on, but nothing a bit of practice won't cure. Thank you


Easy to set, fit and use. Very comfortable.

What I wanted

Most wireless headphones/earbuds just don’t fit well. I’m always having to rearrange or pushing them back in. These are exactly what I always needed in wireless earbuds.

Never disappointed in these!

Love them, but the instructions weren’t in English but with a quick search I was able to find them. Took a couple try’s to get used to putting them on but it’s very simple now. Would definitely purchase again, and quick shipping.


I really liked the fitting around the ear and that they don’t poke my ears from inside. The delivery was within the store’s time frame. Overall good experience.

OneAimFit F600 Beast Pro True Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Earbuds.

Fast Ship.

Great Price, Fast Ship, Christmas Present.

Amazing sound and mic for my ps5!!!!

My 5 children and I are all gamers and these earbuds DO NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!! Listen if you’re second guessing, DON’T!!! Buy the earbuds and you will be forever thankful!!! One changed has lasted me almost 3 days between switching sides!!! I’ve never been so happy with earbuds!!! These are better than sitting I’ve EVER PURCHASED FROM APPLE!!! IYKYK!!!! That means if you know, you know for the ones wayyyyy in the back lol 😂 seriously I’m not getting some to connect to my phone!!!! Like I’m literally about to order again!!!! Buy these and get your game on 🎮


This little thing rocks, definitely getting more.

Need some pads

It's fits well but after a like 20 to 30 minutes it get uncomfortable it feels hard and love the wood cover on the case and ear plugs

I love ❤them they have a nice comfy fit Highly recommended love that you can use one at a time


Great headphones love the fact I can use one at a time and charge when needed WIRELESSLY

Five out of four

I was a little worried about ordering them but they turned out to be great!

The sound is phenomenal!!

The earphones fit perfectly and are fantastic! I adore them!

Its better than I expected!

The wireless charger is as good as it sounds! I can charge my phone even when im outside and it charges it up quickly!

Theyre amazing!

They remain charged indefinitely, and the way they magnetically click into the charging base is really pleasant.

Love the sound!

I adore their sound design and colour scheme! They are ideal for me.

I don’t have to keep charging them!

I have hardly had to charge them in the last couple weeks. I don’t use them all day long but I’m amazed when I go to use them and it still says 89% that’s another great feature the digital number display for the battery life.

Lovely Product!

The earbuds fit perfectly and are amazing! Love them!

Worth a shot!

I will definitely be buying these again!