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Don't waste your money or time.

I should've known from the start that the promises made on this website were too good to be true for the price listed. Upon receiving the headphones, the first thing that stuck out to me is how cheap they felt. Low quality, light plastic made up both the charging case and the ear buds themselves. The changeable ear tips that are supposed to come in the box were noticeably absent, and the plastic of the ear buds is a far cry from "comfortable"-- frankly, they don't even fit in my ears, so I'm unable to wear them properly. The unit had absolutely zero charge when I took it out of the box, which in itself isn't much of a problem. However, when I had charged the battery and attempted to pair them with my phone, it was a tedious and annoying venture. There is no "simple and automatic pairing" here.
Finally, I had the buds paired with my phone so I could try the audio quality. It was atrocious. Bass is almost non-existent. Higher ranges were scratchy and unclear.

Honestly, the price of these buds looks really nice-- but you're absolutely better off just spending a little bit more to get genuine products.


Great headphones love the fact I can use one at a time and charge when needed WIRELESSLY

Five out of four

I was a little worried about ordering them but they turned out to be great!

The sound is phenomenal!!

The earphones fit perfectly and are fantastic! I adore them!

Its better than I expected!

The wireless charger is as good as it sounds! I can charge my phone even when im outside and it charges it up quickly!

Theyre amazing!

They remain charged indefinitely, and the way they magnetically click into the charging base is really pleasant.

Love the sound!

I adore their sound design and colour scheme! They are ideal for me.

I don’t have to keep charging them!

I have hardly had to charge them in the last couple weeks. I don’t use them all day long but I’m amazed when I go to use them and it still says 89% that’s another great feature the digital number display for the battery life.

Lovely Product!

The earbuds fit perfectly and are amazing! Love them!

Worth a shot!

I will definitely be buying these again!

Perfect Products!!

I will most certainly purchase them again!

Their color is excellent!!

I was a little concerned about ordering them, but they turned out to be fantastic!

Its very smooth and reliable

The headband effortlessly connects to my phone through Bluetooth and lasts a couple of nights on a single charge (I'm not a long sleeper). It's also rather comfortable—soft and supple enough for me to sleep on my side without discomfort.

Fantastic earphones!

These are fantastic earphones, especially considering the price. The sound quality is superb. I primarily listen to audiobooks with these, but they also have fantastic bass and sound for music.

OneAimFit Fast Wireless Charger
Robert T. Chavarria
I can charge my phone anywhere!

I travel frequently for work. Taking this to indicate that I can charge my phone while watching, or charge my headphones while watching if I'm using my phone. It's very amazing and saves an outlet, which might be scarce in certain hotels.

Very happy with them!

Overall happy with these and the ease of use. They pair right up when you take them out of case.

They’re so good!

I was hesitant to order them, but they turned out to be fantastic!

I love their design!!

I adore their colour scheme and sound design! They're ideal for me.

They exceeded my expectations

There are so many of these goods that sorting through all of the misleading promises may be difficult, but happily, they exceeded my expectations. They are quite comfy for sleeping (which is why we wanted them in the first place), so if you prefer to hear Delta/Theta waves while sleeping, this is the perfect item for achieving that perfect tranquil night's sleep.

Very helpful

I do a lot of travel for work. Taking this means I can charge my phone and watch together, or my earbuds and watch if I'm using my phone. Pretty cool and saves an outlet, which can be in short supply in some hotels.

Excellent earbuds

The sound quality of these ear buds was excellent. I have the active noise cancelling headphones, which are fantastic. I needed earbuds for working out and doing yard maintenance.

Good product!

Great product. Lovely sound settings.

Great bass and sound!

These are amazing earbuds, especially for the price. The sound quality is excellent. I mostly use them to listen to audiobooks, but they have a great bass and sound for music, too.

They work very well!

How well do they function? They work really well for me and have assisted me in falling asleep and returning to sleep after waking up during the night. I'm sure some of it has to do with the music. It's magical to listen to "Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience." When the music starts, I genuinely smile because I know it's going to work.

Matt Hernandez

I bought them as a gift and they loved it! Theyre very good!