OneAimFit Fast Wireless Charger

OneAimFit always wants to keep their customers’ comfort at the top, that’s why we’re innovating new ideas and coming up with new things daily to increase your comfort. We’re introducing the wireless charger pad to rid you of all the wire-related hassles once and for all. The reliable charger pad is made of top-notch quality charging coil, charging your phone and preserving the battery’s health. The pad supports many types of phones, including 5 Volt ordinary charge plus a 9 Volt fast charge. After using this charger, you'll never have to go back to using wires as using this pad is far more reliable and longlasting.

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The OneAimFit Wireless Charging Pad has a number of cutting-edge technologies, making it one of the best chargers all around. The efficient fast charging which preserves your battery health and the attractive minimalistic design of the pad are just some of the things that make it stand out. It comes in 4 beautiful colors from which you can pick your choice. There's an LED indicator light in the pad which indicates the charging level too. It charges your phone very quickly with the 10W fast charging. Plus, you can charge your phone even with the case on.

The pad will charge any type of phone including normal phones with a 5V adapter or quick charging phones with the 9V adapter as well. It adapts to your phone and charges it efficiently. It charges itself up with the cable that comes with it in 2 hours and charges your phone up multiple times.

OneAimFit covers any manufacturer defects within the first 30 days of purchase. If the sounds bug out on you or your Bluetooth earphones charging case stops charging, or your pad doesn’t work as it's supposed to, there is nothing to worry as we have you covered. Click here to learn more about our Refund Policy.

Shipping is Free for Orders Above $40 within the US & Canada; we offer Express 3-5 days delivery with 4 convenient warehouse locations across the USA. The orders are shipped on the same day if placed before 12:00 CST. The shipping time for Canada is 4-15 days. For now, we are only delivering to US and Canada. To learn more about our shipping policy click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Penny I. Rutledge
Its better than I expected!

The wireless charger is as good as it sounds! I can charge my phone even when im outside and it charges it up quickly!

Robert T. Chavarria
I can charge my phone anywhere!

I travel frequently for work. Taking this to indicate that I can charge my phone while watching, or charge my headphones while watching if I'm using my phone. It's very amazing and saves an outlet, which might be scarce in certain hotels.

Kyle H. Wolf
Very helpful

I do a lot of travel for work. Taking this means I can charge my phone and watch together, or my earbuds and watch if I'm using my phone. Pretty cool and saves an outlet, which can be in short supply in some hotels.

Robert D. Bales
The wireless charging is perfect for me!!

I travel back and forth so being able to charge my phone, watch, and headphones all in one without the need of a bunch of charging cables is super convenient. At home it helps too, but I keep it in my traveling bag instead of the litany of cables I'd used to have to keep in there.

Pauline K. Artis
Very easy to carry!

I travel a lot, so having the ability to charge my phone, watch, and headphones all at once without the need for a bunch of charging connections is quite useful.