OneAimFit Headband Earphones True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

OneAimFit is leading an innovation in the earphones industry with this new and exotic product. Now listen to music anywhere and anytime with the revolutionary fabric headband headphones. The relaxing smooth fabric saves you from the painful experience of earphones which keep falling out and bothering you. The soft, supple material of the headband is so comfortable that you could sleep in it! Because that’s also what it meant for! The headband is perfect for going out, yoga, exercising, and running. It boasts a running time of 10 hours with the charging time of only 2 hours. It’s great, reliable, trusted, and absorbs sweat all around to keep you sweat-free! The headband is washable so that you never wear it dirty and provides a surrounding sound so you can properly immerse and feel your music



The OneAimFit Headband Headphones has a number of cutting-edge technologies, making it one of the best headphones all around. The headband is comfortable to wear all around while you’re working out or running, exercising, or even doing yoga. The headband runs for at least 10 hours at once and charges up in just 2 hours. You can control the music you play with the help of the button and wear the comfortable headband all day long. You won't even feel the headband on your head as its very comfortable and full of elasticity. You can wash the headband as well to ensure that it's not dirty. It forms a stable connection with your phone and doesn’t disconnect at all to interrupt your music sesh.

Yes! You can wear the headband to bed and sleep wearing it. You can play any music you like which helps you sleep and you can leave the band playing it all night long! With a battery of 10 hours, its more than enough to accompany you the whole time you sleep. It doesn’t get itchy or uncomfortable too!

OneAimFit covers any manufacturer defects within the first 30 days of purchase. If the sounds bug out on you or your Bluetooth earphones charging case stops charging, or your pad doesn’t work as it's supposed to, there is nothing to worry as we have you covered. Click here to learn more about our Refund Policy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Samuel N. Johnson
Its very smooth and reliable

The headband effortlessly connects to my phone through Bluetooth and lasts a couple of nights on a single charge (I'm not a long sleeper). It's also rather comfortable—soft and supple enough for me to sleep on my side without discomfort.

Roy J. Parenteau
They exceeded my expectations

There are so many of these goods that sorting through all of the misleading promises may be difficult, but happily, they exceeded my expectations. They are quite comfy for sleeping (which is why we wanted them in the first place), so if you prefer to hear Delta/Theta waves while sleeping, this is the perfect item for achieving that perfect tranquil night's sleep.

Hollie E. Luckey
They work very well!

How well do they function? They work really well for me and have assisted me in falling asleep and returning to sleep after waking up during the night. I'm sure some of it has to do with the music. It's magical to listen to "Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience." When the music starts, I genuinely smile because I know it's going to work.

Charlotte D. Beal
They’re very comfortable!

This sleep headband is adequate. It's far more comfortable than my in-ear buds, and if you sleep on your side, the speakers are quite flat on your ear. They will not, under any circumstances, cut the inside of my ear! The material of the headband is breathable, and charging is swift.